Joint Training of Serbian Armed Forces and US Armed Forces Special Units

Friday, 19.11.2021 | Training
Joint training of special operations units of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the United States of America is being conducted at the "Peskovi" range near Požarevac, from November 8 to 26.

The goal of the training, which will also have a tactical exercise with live fire, is to improve the training of special forces and exchange experiences in performing certain segments of special operations.
During the intensive training activities, the tactics, techniques and procedures used in the counter-terrorist operation in the urban environment are practiced, from collecting intelligence, inserting combat groups using a vertical maneuver, blockade and destruction of terrorists, medical evacuation by air to evacuation from the area of operation.

The implementation of this and similar training activities with the armed forces of the most developed countries of the world improves the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces special units to conduct complex anti-terrorist operations in all conditions and in cooperation with the Air Force and Air Defence units.

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