Redeployment of Force Protection Platoon from Mission in Lebanon

Tuesday, 14.9.2021 | Multinational Operations
Members of the Force Protection platoon from the Training Command arrived in the Republic of Serbia yesterday after successful deployment in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

In the previous six months, as part of the Italian contingent, they were deployed on security tasks in the sector "West", and were replaced by members of the Serbian Armed Forces, also from the Training Command, who went to the area of operations at the end of last month.

In complex security conditions, members of the Force Protection platoon have successfully completed all tasks in accordance with the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force Mission in Lebanon and represented the Serbian Armed Forces and the Republic of Serbia in a dignified manner.

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces began participating in this mission on December 21, 2010, by deploying an infantry company within the Spanish contingent and staff officers in the sector "East", and since 2014 the Serbian Armed Forces contingent has been increased by a Force Protection platoon in the sector "West“.

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