Training with Missile Artillery Systems

Tuesday, 6.12.2022 | Training
At training grounds and exercise area in the vicinity of Niš, the Mixed Artillery Brigade members’ collective training for using the self-propelled MLRS 128mm “Plamen S” in combat is underway.

This is a new training cycle with this missile system conducted throughout the year so as to maintain high proficiency in providing fire support to SAF forces on operations.

At this training level, the crews use the training ground to practice missile emplacement, timely acquisition of targets and delivery of indirect fire, which is applied in the lack of the target’s optical visibility. The training concept follows the prescribed standards and norms required for operating efficiently this combat asset intended for a powerful, abrupt and rapid engagement of large-sized and highly important targets on the ground and water.

The regular training activities of the Mixed Artillery Brigade provide the unit members with excellent skills needed to employ artillery and missile systems in combat, which results in the high combat readiness of this Army component.

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