Collective Training 0f Infantry Soldiers

Tuesday, 22.8.2023 | Training
In the Army’s infantry battalions, infantry soldiers are undergoing intensive training for performing collective tasks of these units and executing combat actions on operations of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Training is being carried out by soldiers performing military service since March 2023 assigned to infantry battalions after their successful completion of individual training at the Training Command Centers.

In this period, the focus is on practical training contents at training grounds during which soldiers practice tactical actions on the battlefield with the use of “Lazar 3” armored wheeled combat vehicles and execution of scheduled firing with infantry weapons.

Apart from the planned training contents, the soldiers are also actively participating in the implementation of regular tasks of the units, gaining new experience and improving additionally their knowledge and skills, in order to be fully qualified for the infantry’s military occupational specialties for which they were recruited.

This class of soldiers also shows exceptional commitment and high motivation during training and execution of all other tasks. Many of them have already expressed their desire to become professional soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces, for which they can apply while still performing their military service.

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