International Course on Radiological Chemical Biological Protection

Tuesday, 5.4.2022 | Training
This week, the CBRN Training Centre in Kruševac has been delivering an international course on radiological chemical biological protection to the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and members of the armed forces arriving from six other countries.

During the five-day training, participants from Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia will improve their knowledge in this field and acquire competences for using the assets for CBRN protection and decontamination of people. 

In addition to theoretical lessons, the training program contains practical exercises at “Ravnjak” Training Ground and “Car Lazar” Barracks so that the course participants could practice how to use modern protective military equipment and measuring instruments to determine the suits' and equipment's capacities to protect from the effects produced by these types of weapons.

Execution of this international course is further confirmation of the SAF CBRN Training Centre as a regional and partner education and training centre, contributing towards regional cooperation and overall bilateral relations with partner states.

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