River Flotilla Pontoon Units Regular Training

Monday, 21.3.2022 | Training
Members of the 1st River Flotilla Pontoon Battalion attended their regular training in the barracks "Mačva Partisan Detachment" and on the Sava River near Šabac.

Many days of the training were spent in professional members of the unit, specialized in amphibious operations, executing tactical actions and procedures in overcoming the water obstacle at the established place of crossing. 

In occupation of the river, the rehearsal included safe and proper loading of assets onto amphibious transporters, elimination of malfunctioning and breakdown of the assets and transporter’s navigation in different conditions taking the measures of camouflage and immediate protection of the unit. During the training, fitness was examined and amphibious transporter crews graded regarding execution of the tasks assigned to the unit.

The results of the training and examination show that members of the 1st River Flotilla Pontoon Battalion have been fully trained to provide support to the Army combat units on operation in occupying inland waterways.

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