Training of Hungarian Soldiers at CBRN Training Centre

Friday, 19.5.2023 | Training
This week, at the SAF CBRN Training Centre in Kruševac, members of the Hungarian Defence Forces have been provided with live agent specialized training.

For five days of training, conducted with the professional support of the CBRN Training Centre’s certified instructors, the participants have advanced their knowledge about live agents and received practical training for working with these substances.

The training activity took place at the “Ravnjak” Training Ground, where HDF members were trained to work as part of CBRN service patrols, perform reconnaissance of contaminated ground and facilities, and apply procedures in the detection of toxic substances, decontamination of weapons and equipment, and administering first aid in case of contact with live agents.

Such training is only one of numerous bilateral military cooperation activities between Serbia and Hungary, conducted at our centre for the first time in 2016. The importance of these activities by members of the armed forces reflects in exchanging experience, strengthening mutual confidence and developing the two countries’ overall relations.

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