Paratroopers Conduct Routine Night Training

Tuesday, 7.6.2022 | Training
This evening, members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade have gone through segments of night paratrooper training at Military Airfield "Sergeant-Pilot Mihajlo Petrović" in Niš.

Such routine training aims to maintain the high-level skills of the unit’s professional members in executing special combat activities and operations of special importance.

Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, attended the exercise activities at Niš Military Airfield where he saw that the 63rd Parachute Brigade members exhibited maximum commitment, responsibility and motivation during the training, which resulted in executing successfully all intended tasks and professionals acquiring excellent abilities and high-level combat readiness. 

As part of the training, paratroopers performed jumps from the An-26 airplane using modern parachutes which enable manoeuvres to avoid obstacles and to land on the desired drop zone, ensuring that combat operations are launched quickly deep into enemy disposition upon parachute landing.

The complex all-weather/terrain training performed in this unit throughout the year ensures that members of this elite SAF brigade are ready for an efficient engagement at a moment’s notice, independently or in interoperability with other forces, completing a variety of assigned missions.

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