Exercise Activities of River Flotilla on Danube

Wednesday, 9.2.2022 | Training
On the part of the Danube near Belgrade, members of the River Flotilla conducted exercise activities and tactical-technical exercises with the aim of evaluate the ability to perform combat tasks at anchor and in navigation.

During several days of activities, according to the signal for combat and mobilization alert, the actions of the unit members were practiced through the given suppositions and the work of ship's crews in conducting marches by sailing, and in controlling and reconnaissance of waterways. 

The successful implementation of exercise activities has improved the ability of the River Flotilla for the timely and proper implementation of assigned tasks in conducting operations on land and inland waterways.

The River Flotilla is a tactical unit of the Army intended for combat and non-combat operations, maneuvers and other activities in the capture of rivers, navigable canals and lakes, independently and in cooperation with other defense forces of the Republic of Serbia.

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