Sergeant Major Course

Tuesday, 19.10.2021 | Training
The 7th Sergeant Major Course attended by selected non-commissioned officers from the commands and units of the Serbian Armed Forces is underway at the NCO Training Centre "Narednik Milunka Savić".

The aim of the course is to train participants to perform the most responsible non-commissioned officer duties in commands and units of the Serbian Armed Forces of battalion rank and higher and to support superior commanders for all questions related to training and status of non-commissioned officers and professional soldiers.

The training lasts 12 weeks, and the program includes contents in the field of leadership and command, training management, resource management, communication skills, military psychology, laws and regulations, English language and physical training.

The Sergeant Major Course represents the highest level of career development of non-commissioned officers, to which only the best and most experienced non-commissioned officers are referred, who have proven themselves in their career so far through work, commitment and strong leadership skills.

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