Training of the River Flotilla Divers

Monday, 26.9.2022 | Training
On the part of the Danube near Novi Sad, members of the diving unit from the River flotillas carry out conditioning training for performing specific tasks.

The training is carried out in order to maintain and improve the divers’ skills for performing demanding diving tasks in rivers, canals and lakes in all weather conditions.

The training program includes conditioning in a hyperbaric chamber at simulated depths of up to 50 meters and numerous practical exercises on the river. In this period the focus is on rehearsing actions during river bottom searches and tactical actions applied in anti-sabotage security of the command ship in the regulated base area.

For executing a large number of complex tasks which demand the diving unit, the Serbian Armed Forces require exceptional, both physical and mental, capabilities of river divers, as well as the observance of strict procedures in preparing and conducting tasks. Therefore, it is necessary to implement their training throughout the year so that they are able to solve the most difficult situations at any time and are prepared for the greatest physical and mental efforts.

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