Training Begins for New Class of Soldiers on Military Service

Tuesday, 7.3.2023 | Training
The latest class of soldiers on voluntary military service has undertaken training today with a ceremony being held at SAF Centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

Over the last few days, the soldiers have gone through the adaptation period, got familiar with the organization of life and work in the SAF, were provided with personal weapons and prepared themselves for the beginning of intensive training.

In the next five weeks, they will learn how to handle personal weapons and undertake basic tactical actions and procedures in combat; they will master close-order drills and Service Regulations improving at the same time their physical fitness.

Upon completion of basic training, soldiers will be trained for the branch/service – specific specialties they are recruited for; what awaits them afterwards is three-month collective training and active involvement in everyday assignments in SAF units. 

Young men and women aged 19 to 30 in the current year are eligible to apply for voluntary military service; public competition to which candidates could apply is open constantly.

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