Regular Tactical Training in Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

Tuesday, 11.1.2022 | Training
Members of the Armored Reconnaissance Battalion used snowfall and low temperatures to conduct the specific contents of tactical training in the intelligence domain of the Army.

At the "Rujnik" training ground and in the "Stevan Sinđelić" barracks in Niš, members of the battalion are practicing tactical actions and procedures during reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, as well as procedures for organizing patrols and ambushes, in winter conditions, using the basic combat vehicle of this unit — armored reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2MS.

The professional soldiers who were recently admitted into the unit and assigned to the duties of drivers and marksmen on this combat vehicle are also actively participating in the training. Apart from performing reconnaissance tasks, they are trained for the correct and safe handling of the BRDM-2MS armored reconnaissance vehicle and its combat use in all conditions.

This is only a part of the complex training in the Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, whose main purpose is to gather intelligence for the needs of Army operations. The conducting of the training improves the ability of members of the unit to perform tasks in all weather conditions.

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