SAF Units Carry Out Training Activities on River

Wednesday, 2.11.2022 | Training
The River Flotilla units are carrying out training activities and tactical drills on the Danube near Begeč. They are practicing the execution of combat operations on rivers and inland waterways.

The activities, which last for several days, are carried out as part of Joint Exercise "Maneuvers 2022". Inland navigation and diving units perform various tactical tasks while navigating, which the River Flotilla carries out during defensive and offensive operations of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The emphasis is on drilling ship crews in varying degrees of combat readiness, practicing tactical actions while performing reconnaissance and waterway control, anti-ship action and mine countermeasures, anti-sabotage defence of ships and casualty rescue and evacuation.

The successful execution of the complex tactical assignments that the River Flotilla units have been tasked with during the exercise confirms a high level of skill in providing support to the Army troops in operations conducted on inland waterways and the effective employment of this unit’s personnel and vessels.

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