International Course on Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations

Monday, 11.4.2022 | Training
An international course on protection of civilians in peacekeeping operations has begun today at “South” Base near Bujanovac. The course has been organized by the Peacekeeping Operations Centre of the Serbian Armed Forces. 

Participants in the five-day course will spend the next couple of days learning to apply the concept of protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping operations in line with the mission’s mandate and rules of engagement. The Peacekeeping Operations Centre has been certified by the UN Integrated Training Service to deliver such training.

The program contains a theoretical part on contemporary challenges and priorities of peacekeeping operations, concepts and standards of the United Nations regarding protection of civilians, as well as rehearsal of established procedures in the situations when civilian lives are directly threatened in the area of operation.

Execution of this course is confirmation of the Serbian Armed Forces’ orientation towards taking all necessary measures to protect civilians, which is one of the basic tasks in UN missions.

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