International Advanced First Aid Course

Friday, 1.10.2021 | Training
International advanced first aid course for members of the foreign armed forces ended today at the Logistics Training Center in Niš.

The course was attended by nurses and medical technicians from Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt and Nigeria who do not primarily deal with emergency medical care. During several weeks of training, they were trained to take care of the injured at the scene of an accident in peacetime and wartime, as well as in the event of natural disasters.
The focus of the training was on practicing the techniques and procedures used during the initial assessment of the vulnerability of the injured, triage, evacuation of the injured to a safe zone, examination of the patient according to the checklist, first aid and evacuation. The training was conducted by instructors from the Company for training of the medical service, in cooperation with doctors-specialists from the Military Hospital in Niš.

At the end of this course, participants are fully trained for the rational use of unit-specific medical devices and medical device accessories in the care of various life threatening conditions.

Conducting such and similar courses in the Logistics Training Center is a way of confirmation of the quality of training in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces and contributes to the development and strengthening of bilateral relations with partner countries.

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