Training with Nora Self-propelled Gun-howitzers

Tuesday, 31.1.2023 | Training
Professional personnel serving in the Mixed Artillery Brigade’s battalion armed with 155mm Nora B-52 gun-howitzers are undergoing collective training. They are practicing the execution of combat missions that this unit is tasked with.

The aim of this regular training is to maintain the crews’ level of proficiency in using this artillery system in combat and in providing support to Army units on operations.
The crews are practicing occupying firing position, timely target acquisition, the use of automated fire-control system and the execution of indirect fire, in accordance with required standards and norms for the effective use of this combat system. The primary aim of the training is for officers, NCOs and professional soldiers to prepare for additional duties as crew members of this artillery system.

The 155mm Nora B-52 self-propelled gun-howitzer is a modern artillery system characterized by high mobility and accuracy of fire. Since this weapons entered service, the ability of the Mixed Artillery Brigade to deliver powerful, sudden and rapid fire against long-range targets has improved.

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