High Accuracy of Towed Artillery Fire

Monday, 19.9.2022 | Training
Members of the Mixed Artillery Brigade have successfully completed the exercise activities and live firing which have lasted for several days at Military Complex “Pasuljanske Livade”.

Training has been conducted by members of the gun-howitzer battalion, which forms part of this Brigade, for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the capabilities for providing artillery support to Army units.

The artillery soldiers conducted a series of tactical exercises at the training ground practicing the emplacement and displacement of the fire position, reconnaissance, target identification, calculation of firing elements and correction of artillery fire, followed by a number of exercise firing and live firing from the towed gun-howitzers M-84 152 mm “Nora”.

The results of the artillery live firing indicate that the unit members are perfectly skilled in projecting a sudden, accurate and efficient fire at the assigned targets, giving a tremendous contribution to the success of defensive and offensive operations.

The training, which has just been completed, is part of larger field exercise activities the Mixed Artillery Brigade executes in cycles throughout the year to ensure high combat readiness for carrying out unit-specific missions.

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