Command and Staff Training Exercise of Army Command

Friday, 25.3.2022 | Training
Members of the Army Command and part of the units responsible for immediate support have conducted Command and Staff Training Exercise "Winter 2022" at separate locations this week. 

The training exercise intended to improve abilities of this operational command of the Serbian Armed Forces for staff work, command and control of forces in preparation and execution of operations and during disengagement.

In the course of activities, which lasted for many days, the Army Command staff officers and non-commissioned officers rehearsed development of staff assessments and making and implementing decisions to engage forces, applying standard operating procedures.

Concurrently, Signals and Military Police units examined practically their skills for providing telecommunication and information security and ensuring safety of the command post. 

The Command and Staff Training Exercise represents an important form of practical training of SAF commands aiming to enhance competences for a proper and timely employment of forces on operations and to test practically standard operating procedures and the established command system.

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