Healthcare Campaign by Military Doctors

Wednesday, 10.5.2023 | CIMIC
This week, in collaboration with the Red Cross, local governments and primary care centres, SAF members have implemented a campaign, providing medical care to residents of the villages with difficult access to the healthcare system. 

This is a traditional "Military Doctor in a Village" campaign implemented within SAF CIMIC projects. This time, military doctors and technicians have visited residents of the villages in the vicinity of Beočin, Bosilegrad, Bujanovac and Sjenica. 

There have been more than 150 preventive medical check-ups in temporary clinics, as well as home visits to persons with impaired mobility or immobility. This has also been the occasion to hand the boxes with basic necessities provided by the Red Cross.

As usual, SAF members have been warmly welcomed by the citizens, who have pointed out, thankful for the received help, that they trust SAF the most since they proved reliable on numerous occasions when they were in need. 

The SAF implement CIMIC projects throughout the country. On multiple occasions, they helped with building roads and waterworks, clearing snow deposits, providing water supply and medical care to local population, which will continue in the future as well, strengthening mutual confidence and making possible for a better life of the Serbian citizens.

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