Training on High-Mobility Vehicles

Wednesday, 13.4.2022 | Training
The Serbian Armed Forces members are currently receiving their training on High-Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles “Humvee” at “Beranovac” Training Ground near Kraljevo.

This is an additional training received by military drivers from the units equipped with these vehicles, in order to maintain the optimal level of SAF members’ competence for driving and maintaining multi-purpose high-mobility wheeled vehicles.

The training contains a theoretical part with the focus on subsystem exploitation and maintenance followed by an intensive training of driving the vehicles along public roads and in the field conditions. The most demanding part of the training is overcoming the obstacles on a specially shaped training ground when military drivers acquire skills required for driving the vehicle across an impassable terrain testing the diver’s abilities and vehicle’s technical performance.

Additional training for different types of military drivers is conducted routinely in the SAF so that they could be well-trained to drive safely and maintain as many vehicles possible according to the highest standards, which is very important for SAF members’ safety while completing their assignments on all types of terrain and in all weather conditions.

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