Joint Training of Serbian Armed Forces and Armed Forces of Republic of Turkey

Friday, 12.11.2021 | Training
Members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Second Special Forces Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Turkey conducted joint parachute training in Ankara.

The goal of the training, which was conducted in the Training Centre of the Special Forces Command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Turkey, was to improve the capabilities of parachute units and exchange experiences in performing certain segments of parachute training.

In accordance with the training program, joint free fall jumps were conducted with the "wing" type parachutes and with the use of oxygen equipment. 

Preparation for the jumps, which included practicing forced procedures in case of parachute failure, canopy control, landing navigation and group flying, was conducted using the most modern methods, with simulators and an air tunnel available at the Ankara Training Centre.

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