Infantry Company Trained for Participation in Peacekeeping Operation

Tuesday, 28.2.2023 | Training
The 1st Army Brigade Infantry Company designated to participate in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) began its training cycle needed for deployment in this Middle Eastern country.

In the first stage of preparations conducted over several months, professional soldiers and officers of this unit go through tactical, firearms and physical training refreshing their knowledge and skills while getting ready for collective training. Then, at "South" Base and "Borovac Training Ground, they will be trained in performing tasks awaiting them in the Area of Operations (AO) as part of the UNIFIL Spanish Contingent.

The final phase of preparations requires infantrymen to take part in a tactical exercise so that this unit’s abilities and interoperability could be tasted as well as its overall readiness to participate in the peacekeeping operation.

The Serbian Armed Forces have been deploying an infantry company-level unit in Lebanon since 2013. Currently, there are also our staff officers, force protection platoon and National Support Element in this peacekeeping operation’s AO.

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