Basic NCO Course Participants on Stationary Camping

Monday, 28.3.2022 | Training
Participants of the 19th class of the Basic NCO Course, conducted within NCO Training Centre “Sergeant Milunka Savić” are currently on their stationary camping at “Peskovi” Training Ground near Požarevac. 

This is a special form of field training intended for professional soldiers – course participants to acquire necessary practical knowledge and skills for successful performance of initial NCO duties in the Serbian Armed Forces’ units.

At the training ground, future non-commissioned officers are being trained to command a section, carry out general tactical and fire tasks, conduct basic individual and general military training and execute live firings from infantry weapons.

Their further advancement will include professional and specialist training for NCO duties within their branch or service and internship in SAF units.

The Basic NCO Course is a final segment in professional soldiers’ development leading to their first NCO rank. Students of the course are selected soldiers who have completed the Leadership Course and proved their abilities by their working results in performing military duties in their units. Upon completion of this educational level, they will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant and assigned to proper NCO positions in the Serbian Armed Forces.

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