Engineer Training for Overcoming Water Obstacles

Thursday, 1.12.2022 | Training
On the Sava River near Šabac, members of 1st Pontoneer Battalion, River Flotilla, are undergoing routine training for performing the tasks this unit is intended for. 

This training aims to maintain a high level of skills in serving personnel for providing operational support to combat forces on inland waterways operations.

The training curriculum stipulates refining tactical actions and procedures while organizing ferries, bridges and temporary crossing points as well as transport of assets by amphibious transporters, while taking measures of immediate protection of the unit. At the same time, it is checked whether the set norms and standards for establishing pontoon ferries and overcoming efficiently the water obstacle could be reached.

Conduct of such training, coupled with continued professional development in the River Flotilla pontoneer battalions, results in having highly proficient unit members, which is, in addition to functional materiel, the most important prerequisite for conducting efficiently engineer operations on the river.

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