Specialist Training of Infantry Soldiers

Monday, 7.11.2022 | Training
The specialist training of infantry soldiers of the September 2022 intake is currently underway at the Army Training Centre training grounds in Požarevac. 

At this centre, soldiers learn how to use personal and collective infantry weapons in combat and take proper offensive and defensive tactical actions and procedures. 

The training curriculum implies covering the contents referring to tactics, knowledge of infantry weapons and equipment as well as firearms training, keeping the focus on carrying out tactical and fire missions in the field conditions, independently or as part of a section. Soldiers undergo field training in orientation, battlefield movement, choice of cover, use of camouflage and CBRN devices and neutralizing targets.

Soldiers of this class conclude their specialist training by late November having their individual skills tested; then they undergo collective training and assume active roles in the life and work of SAF units until the end of their military service. 

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