New Capabilities for Anti-Armor Warfare

Wednesday, 21.9.2022 | Training
Members of the 4th Army Brigade units armed with the “Kornet” anti-armor missile systems are undergoing intensive training for using this asset in combat.

This training aims to raise additionally the level of capabilities for anti-armor warfare using maximum potential of this modern system whose introduction into SAF armaments led to an increase in anti-armor capabilities.

The program of the training, taking place at South Base, entails all contents referring to the tactics of the use and maintenance of the “Kornet”, keeping the focus in this period on training the battle crews in identifying and tracking the targets and preparing for action. Further on, the unit members will execute live firing to demonstrate practically the reached capabilities, knowledge and skills for using this asset efficiently in the daytime and nighttime conditions.

The anti-armor missile system “Kornet” is one of the best state-of-the-art systems intended for anti-tank and other types of anti-armor warfare, and can be used also for destroying helicopters and fortifications. It has optical and thermal sights which enable target detection and tracking at night and in restricted visibility, engaging the targets by anti-armor and thermobaric guided missiles.

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