Advanced Parachute Training

Friday, 9.12.2022 | Training
This week, members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade undergoing advanced parachute training have been performing jumps in the area of Niš-based Military Airfield Sergeant-Pilot Mihajlo Petrović.

This is a segment of the advanced paratrooper training whose objective is to train the unit members to perform special jumps using wing-parachutes and to undertake combat actions on operations of special importance following the special landing. 

In line with the training curriculum, there were free jumps with full combat equipment which involved landing on small-sized areas, the performance of which required outstanding paratrooper skills. Previously, they had attended theoretical ground training, worked on preparing the parachute and its devices, and received more intensive physical training.

Through successful execution of the advanced parachute training, the 63rd Parachute Brigade is provided with perfectly trained and competent personnel, the backbone of this elite SAF unit intended for special operations. 

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