Technical Staff Training for Maintenance of "Gazelle" helicopters

Thursday, 17.11.2022 | Training
In the Air Force and Air Defence Training Centrе, training of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the aviation technical specialty for the technical maintenance of "Gazelle" helicopters is in progress.

The training is conducted at the military airport "Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović" in Batajnica, and the goal is the theoretical and practical training of officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians for the maintenance and servicing of this type of aircraft in the first and second level of maintenance.

In accordance with the prescribed standards, the training is modeled in such a way as to provide participants with specific knowledge about the principles of aircraft operation and the procedures and actions that are conducted during the maintenance of an engine, device, structure, as well as navigation instruments and aviation equipment.

The significance of this training is reflected in the training of new generations of aviation technical personnel to operate the "Gazelle" helicopter, which is used in the Serbian Armed Forces for conducting a wide range of flying tasks in peace and war.

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