Training in Serbian Armed Forces’ CBRN Units

Tuesday, 30.8.2022 | Training
The unit responsible for providing nuclear and chemical security, 246th CBRN Battalion, is undergoing collective training at "Car Lazar" Barracks and Military Complex "Ravnjak" in Kruševac.

This is an important segment of service personnel’s training aiming to maintain and improve their competence for performing the tasks related to providing nuclear and chemical security of the Serbian Armed Forces on operations.

During the training, members of this unit practice the procedures needed for working in a contaminated environment, from developing a laboratory station in the field conditions, detection, proper taking and analytical processing of potentially contaminated samples, to undertaking protective measures in case of nuclear or chemical attack. The training process involves using portable radiometric and chemical laboratories, the latest detectors and modern insulating equipment which provides a complete protection of personnel while working with contaminants.

Due to specific tasks assigned to the 246th CBRN Battalion, it is necessary that members of this unit undergo continuous training and maintain high-level competence so that they could be prepared for a rapid and efficient reaction as required.

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