Training in Battalion Armed With “Nora” Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzers

Thursday, 22.9.2022 | Training
At training grounds near Niš, crews of the “Nora” B-52 M-15 155mm self-propelled gun-howitzers are undergoing collective training.

This is regular training in the combat use of this modern artillery system conducted in the Self-Propelled Cannon and Howitzer Artillery Battalion, Mixed Artillery Brigade, for the purpose of maintaining combat-readiness.

During the training, crews are trained in the gun emplacement, timely target identification, handling the automated fire control system and in delivering indirect fire, following the standards and norms prescribed for this combat system’s efficient engagement.

The “Nora” B-52 M-15 155mm self-propelled gun-howitzer is a fully automated system characterized by high accuracy and precision of artillery fire, requiring minimum time for gun emplacement and displacement and data calculation. There is a battalion within the Mixed Artillery Brigade with three batteries armed with the “Noras”, whose introduction into operational use improved considerably the unit’s capability for delivering a powerful, sudden and rapid fire against the targets of tactical, operational and strategic importance.

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