Pontoniers of the River Flotilla Installed Bridge over Lido

Saturday, 27.6.2020 | CIMIC
Today, members of the River Flotilla completed installation of a pontoon bridge from the Quay of Zemun to the Great War Island which will enable the citizens of Belgrade to spend this summer as well at the Danube beach Lido. 

The bridge, 360 metres long, with 20 tons of total load capacity, consisting of 36 pontoon elements, was installed by excellently trained pontoniers of the River Flotilla in very short time, in order to give it today to the city municipality of Zemun for use.
Pedestrians and light vehicles of up to 20 tons will be able to cross the pontoon bridge, which is traditionally installed in cooperation with the municipality of Zemun, as of today until 1st September.
Members of the River Flotilla take care of maintenance and security of the use of the bridge 24 hours a day, and it is going to be so until the end of summer season.

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