Rotation of SAF Contingents in CAR

Monday, 13.3.2023 | Multinational Operations
SAF members deployed with UN peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic since last July have returned to our country after completing successfully their participation in this peacekeeping operation and handing over duty to a new contingent.

Over the past eight months, our contingent, composed of staff officers and Military Hospital Role 2+, has performed successfully all the tasks in line with the mission’s mandate, confirming a high level of proficiency and professionalism of the military medical service and members of the SAF in general.

They were replaced by a new contingent that resumed the tasks of medical protection of UN personnel in the capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui. The Serbian Military Hospital is responsible for providing medical protection of UN peacekeeping forces (1st and 2nd level), surgical and other emergencies, basic dental care and CASEVAC.

The Serbian Armed Forces started to participate in the MINUSCA mission in 2014 by deploying medical and non-medical personnel. Except for the Military Hospital Role 2+, they also deploy their members as staff officers and military observers.

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