Students of Faculty of Security Studies Visit Peacekeeping Operations Centre

Friday, 7.4.2023 | Stories from Units
Professors and students of the Faculty of Security Studies, Belgrade University, have visited the SAF Peacekeeping Operations Centre this week. 

The visit is a continuation of the cooperation between our Centre and Faculty of Security Studies, and has been conducted in order for the students of this faculty to become acquainted with SAF activities in the process of preparations and engagement in multinational operations outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia.

During this visit, the students have been presented with the functions and tasks of the Peacekeeping Operations Centre, as well as the record of SAF participation in multinational operations.

The professors and students of the Faculty of Security Studies said they were grateful for the hospitality and satisfied with their visit to the Peacekeeping Operations Centre, and that they hoped they would continue with such activities in the future in order to exchange their knowledge in the security domain.

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