Promotion Ceremony for Youngest Air Force and Air Defence NCOs

Friday, 2.12.2022 | Stories from Units
There has been a military ceremony at the Guard’s Club in Belgrade today to mark the admission into professional military service of the Air Force and Air Defence NCO Course participants, 3rd class.

Having gone through the selection process in a competition and attended the Course, 79 NCOs, with the rank of sergeant, were admitted into professional military service; they have successfully completed the training program for maintaining assets in the units of this SAF arm. 

Over the six months of the advancement program, they have been trained in aircraft maintenance and technicians’ duties as well as duties of radar and missile system operators, and are fully prepared to start up a NCO career in the SAF. The best of them – Sergeants Marko Aranđelović, Aleksa Đoković and Nikola Ivanović were handed awards for achieving excellent results at this advancement. 

Today’s ceremony was attended by AF and AD Commander Lieutenant General Duško Žarković, Commander of the Training Command Major General Željko Petrović, representatives of SAF units and relatives and friends of the youngest SAF NCOs.

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