Exercise of Special Operations Battalion "Falcons"

Friday, 20.5.2022 | Training
The Special Operations Battalion "Falcons" has conducted an exercise at the SAF Simulation Training Centre this week aimed at training the unit’s headquarters in planning and organizing a counter-terrorist operation.

This computer-assisted simulation exercise saw the practice of tactical actions and staff procedures in launching an operation and a daily analysis of work performed by staff officers and NCOs in the process of military decision-making.

The examination included knowledge of principles of using the special operations units and assets, interoperability with the Army and Air Force and Air Defence, as well as cooperation with Gendarmery, Red Cross and other civilian actors.

Computer-assisted simulation exercises represent an important form of practical training of SAF headquarters. Such exercises are an opportunity for staff officers and units’ commanders to improve their skills in planning and executing combat operations, using the minimum amount of material resources.

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