Training of Hungarian Hungarian Defence Forces Personnel at CBRN Centre

Monday, 13.6.2022 | International Co-operation
A five-day training of the Hungarian Defence Forces personnel with real toxic chemicals began today at the Serbian Armed Forces Centre for Atomic-Biological-Chemical Defence.

The training is conducted at the "Ravnjak" range in Kruševac, and is being attended by officers, non-commissioned officers and professional soldiers from the 93rd Battalion of the Atomic-Biological-Chemical Defence of the Hungarian Defence Forces. 

The aim of the training is to further improve knowledge about toxic chemicals, safety measures at work and practical training of participants to work with these toxic substances.

The training program includes contents starting from the work of patrols of the Atomic-Biological-Chemical Service on reconnaissance of contaminated land and facilities, through chemical detection and decontamination of weapons and equipment, to providing medical assistance in case of contact with toxic chemicals. 

The training of members of foreign armed forces, which has been carried out at the CBRN Centre since 2016, is an international confirmation of the quality of training conducted in the Serbian Armed Forces units and contributes to the development of overall bilateral relations with partner countries.

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