Award Ceremony for the Organization of the Competition "Guardian of Order“

Tuesday, 5.10.2021 | News
A ceremony was held today at the Guards House in the "Topcider" barracks, where awards were presented to individuals and institutions outside the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces for their contribution to the preparation and conduct of the international competition in the discipline "Guardian of Order".

The awards were presented to representatives of ministries, local governments, tourist organizations and businesses, as well as the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Islamic Community of Serbia, who helped this event be conducted in accordance with high standards and our tradition of hospitality.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lieutenant General Petar Cvetković, who pointed out that this year's competition in the discipline "Guardian of Order" was rated highest by all participants and expressed gratitude to the award winners for their wholehearted help and contribution to the successful organization of this event of great significance for the Serbian Armed Forces and the Republic of Serbia.

The international competition of military police units "Guardian of Order", organized by the Serbian Armed Forces as one of the 34 disciplines of the International Military Games, was held in August and September this year at the "Beranovac" range and the "Žiča" firing range. It was the first time that some of the disciplines of this prestigious international event were held in the Republic of Serbia, and the team of the Serbian Armed Forces won the gold medal in the overall ranking.

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