Participation in Balkan Countries CHODs Conference

Thursday, 16.6.2022 | International Co-operation
Today, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, has participated in the 15th Balkan Countries CHODs Conference in Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia. 

This year's Conference was an opportunity for the regional countries' CHODs to exchange experience and views, not only on the use of the armed forces in handling the latest challenges in a national and regional context, but also on other issues of relevance to further development of regional defence cooperation.

In his address at the Conference, General Mojsilović reiterated the commitment of the Serbian Armed Forces to further enhancement of military-to-military cooperation and strengthening of relations and confidence among the armed forces of member states of this regional initiative. 

Reminding that in this very place, only a week ago, regional leaders attended the Open Balkan Summit, which had already yielded practical results at both political and economic level, General Mojsilović pointed out that good neighborly relations and cooperation with everyone in the region were one of the foreign political priorities of the Republic of Serbia.
Chief of the General Staff expressed his belief that all of us in the region were mutually interrelated and that it was in our interest to cooperate closely and arrive jointly at solutions to the problems burdening all peoples in the Balkans.

On his visit to Ohrid, General Mojsilović had bilateral meetings with Greek, Romanian and North Macedonian respective CHODs, and with Commander of the US Army Fifth Corps. 

The Balkan Countries CHODs Conference was established in 2006. It brings together the representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia, Türkiye and Montenegro, with the aim of strengthening the Balkan states’ military-to-military cooperation in response to the latest security challenges, risks and threats. The Conference was also attended by the guests such as high representatives of EU, NATO and the USA and the Armed Forces of Croatia. 

Belgrade hosted the Balkan Countries CHODs Conference in 2009 and 2018, while the host of the 16th Conference to be held next year will be the Republic of Bulgaria.

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