Spanish Armed Forces’ Members Trained at CBRN Centre

Thursday, 20.10.2022 | International Co-operation
This week, the Spanish Armed Forces’ members have been undergoing live agent training at the SAF CBRN Centre, Kruševac.

The CBRN Centre’s certified instructors are delivering the five-day advancement program providing the students with the knowledge of live agents and protective measures at work, and teaching them in practice how to work with these substances. 

The training curriculum involves CBRN patrols performing reconnaissance of the contaminated ground and facilities, chemical detection and decontamination of weapons and equipment, and provision of medical assistance in case of live agent contact.

The CBRN Centre has been involved in training personnel of foreign armed forces since 2016 on the basis of technical arrangements with partner countries. Successful conduct of different forms of training in our Centre and large international interest in its advancement program are the best proof of the quality of training in the SAF and of our personnel's competence in the field of CBRN.

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