SAF Peacekeeping Operations Centre Reinforced

Tuesday, 23.8.2022 | Stories from Units
There has been a military ceremony at "South" Base near Bujanovac today on the occasion of the Multinational Operations Training Centre becoming a sub-unit of the Peacekeeping Operations Centre, Operations Directorate (J-3), Serbian Armed Forces General Staff. 

The subordination procedure has been carried out in accordance with the planned organizational changes in the Serbian Armed Forces in order to improve the organization and achieve even better results while making individual and collective preparations for participation in multinational operations.

In this way, the Peacekeeping Operations Centre has integrated most of the tasks relating to training, procurement, preparations and deployment of MOD and SAF individuals and units on missions out of the borders of the Republic of Serbia.

The Multinational Operations Training Centre, which has formed part of the Army so far, delivers collective training of forces engaged in the second mission of the Serbian Armed Forces and supports evaluation and certification of the competence of our armed forces’ units and partner countries in preparation for participation in peacekeeping operations. This unit has the needed infrastructure, the most modern assets for delivering the training, experienced and trained instructors, which makes it regionally distinctive with the possibility of becoming a regional Centre for preparing the units for multinational operations.

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