Competition of Military Police Units

Wednesday, 18.5.2022 | Stories from Units
The second competition of the Military Police units is being conducted this week on the Serbian Armed Forces Training Grounds "Beranovac" and "Žiča" in the vicinity of Kraljevo.

This year, six teams of the Serbian Armed Forces and four teams of the Ministry of the Interior have participated in this contest which is a test of their abilities, skills and physical fitness.

For the last few days, in the first two phases, competitors have executed fire missions individually and as part of a patrol on "Žiča" Training Ground in a simulated urban environment undertaking tactical actions and following security measures.

The third phase of the contest has been held on "Beranovac" Training Ground patrol track today in the presence of Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, who saw personally that the competition had been organized by the highest standards and that participants were highly motivated and prepared in terms of tactics and physical fitness. 

The winner of the competition of MP units will be pronounced on Friday following the most demanding phase – 12km teams’ race with natural and artificial obstacles.

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