Parachute All-around of Special Purpose Units

Friday, 1.10.2021 | Stories from Units
The 21st parachute all-around of special purpose units, organized by the 63rd Parachute Brigade, was held this week at the military airport „Narednik-pilot Mihajlo Petrović“ in Niš and in the wider area of the shooting range „Međa“.

During the four-day competition, which is a test of knowledge, skills, resourcefulness and perseverance, members of the special forces competed in 14 disciplines on a 30 kilometers long track.

The teams conducted a parachute landing, targeting with an automatic rifle, pistol, bomb and knife, orientation in the field, recovery of the wounded and a faulty vehicle, overcoming various obstacles, climbing a rope and searching the terrain.

In the competition of 36 competitors divided into 6 teams, members of the first company of the 63rd parachute brigade triumphed, the second was the team of the parachute company of combat search and rescue, also from the 63rd parachute, while the third place went to the special operations battalion „Griffons“ from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade. This year, a team of veterans of the 63rd Parachute Brigade have also participated.

The competition was conducted successfully, in the spirit of fair play and presented highly developed skills of special units’ members to perform assigned tasks. 

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