Regular Rotation of SAF Contingent in Lebanon Mission

Wednesday, 28.6.2023 | Multinational Operations
The contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces, which has been engaged since the end of last year in the UN peace operation in Lebanon, has returned to the Republic of Serbia after a successful completion of engagement in the mission.

This contingent included an infantry company from the 4th Army Brigade, staff officers and a group of specialists in charge of support. They performed the tasks in the "East" sector of the peace operation in Lebanon, and their engagement is assessed by both superiors and the mission command as extremely professional and responsible.

A new contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces, who were sent to the Area of Operation (AO) today, will execute responsible tasks to preserve peace in this Middle Eastern country over the  next six months, like our previous contingents did.

Serbian Armed Forces have been participating in UNIFIL since 2010 when they deployed five staff officers. There has been a considerable increase in the number of SAF personnel deployed on this mission ever since. Currently, apart from the forces in the "East" sector, SAF also deploy a force protection platoon as part of the Italian contingent in the "West" Sector.

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