UN Certificate for the Course 'Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations'

Tuesday, 25.5.2021 | Multinational Operations
International course 'Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations', organized by the Peacekeeping Operations Center, was held last week, successfully completing the final phase of the course recertification process by the United Nations Integrated Training Service.

The course was conducted in accordance with the United Nations training standards, and since 2017, the Peacekeeping Operations Center has been certified by the United Nations for its implementation.

During a five-day online course this year, participants from the Ministry of Defense, the Serbian Armed Forces and foreign armed forces studied the concept of civilian protection in the United Nations peacekeeping operations in accordance with the mission's mandate and rules of engagement.

In addition to instructors from the Peacekeeping Operations Center, lecturers from partner training centers for participation in peacekeeping operations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary were engaged, as well as representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Red Cross of Serbia and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Serbia.
By organizing this course, the Peacekeeping Operations Center has maintained the continuity of the implementation of international courses during the pandemic of infectious disease Covid-19.

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