Participation of SAF Units in Exercise in Germany

Friday, 10.12.2021 | International Co-operation
Serbian Armed Forces personnel are participating in the international exercise "Combined Resolve 16", which is being held from December 6 to 20 at the Joint Multinational Readiness Centre "Hohenfels" in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The exercise is jointly organized by the European and African Command of the United States Armed Forces, and in addition to the infantry platoon and the military police platoon from the Serbian Armed Forces, members of the armed forces of ten other countries are also participating, a total of about 4,600 soldiers and officers.

The aim of the exercise is to develop interoperability and mutual understanding between the armies of the partner countries during conducting peace support operations. During a several-week stay at the training area in Germany, tactics, techniques and procedures used during offensive and defensive operations at the tactical level and combat in the urban environment in day and night conditions are practiced.

The Serbian Armed Forces have been participating in the exercise called "Combined Resolve" in the Federal Republic of Germany since 2012 by engaging platoon or company level Army units.

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