International Course on Biological Weapons and Toxicology

Friday, 17.3.2023 | International Co-operation
This week, an International Course on Biological Weapons and Toxicology has been conducted at the CBRN Training Centre, SAF, Kruševac.

The five-day advancement course was attended by members of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Hungary, the United States of America, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Spain.

At the CBRN Training Centre, they acquired additional knowledge about biological weapons and toxicology. They practiced using the equipment for protection from the effects of this type of weapon, biological detection, identification, and decontamination. In an improvised laboratory, set up for the purposes of the Course, they practiced responding to terrorist acts in the conditions when biological agents are used.

The training was delivered by instructors from the CBRN Training Centre and experts in toxicology from the Military Medical Academy and “Vinča” Institute for Nuclear Sciences.

Successful execution of the Course and huge international interest in taking part in the training activity at the CBRN Training Centre strengthen the status of this unit additionally as a regional and partnership centre for education and training confirming the high quality of CBRN training conducted in the SAF.

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