Admission of Youngest NCOs to SAF Units

Monday, 24.10.2022 | Stories from Units
Having graduated from the Specialized Military High School “1300 Corporals” and received their first NCO rank last week, sergeants have been admitted to the SAF Air Force and Air Defence and Electronic Warfare units today. 

Sergeants have been received by AF and AD Commander Lieutenant General Duško Žarković and senior officers of the 224th Electronic Warfare Centre. They congratulated the youngest SAF officers on their successful graduation and briefed them on the organization, missions and tasks of their units.

Further on, young NCOs are to become acquainted with their units’ personnel, obligations and tasks awaiting them on their initial NCO duties, where they will be able to apply and enlarge the knowledge acquired through their four-year education.

A continued influx of quality NCO personnel, who are trained and qualified for working with people and latest assets and equipment, is ensured by bringing up and educating students at the Specialized Military High School “1300 Corporals” following the curricula and syllabuses tailored to the SAF requirements.

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