“Platinum Wolf 2019” Exercise Started

Monday, 3.6.2019 | International Co-operation

The multinational exercise “Platinum Wolf 19” (“Platinasti vuk 19”) started today with the opening ceremony at the “Jug” base near Bujanovac.

About 500 members of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Northern Macedonia, Romania, the United States of America, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and Serbia are participating in the exercise.

Commander of the Fourth Brigade of the Land Forces, Brigadier General Slobodan Stopa greeted all the participants and wished them a successful execution of the exercise.

- The exercise “Platinum Wolf”, which is performed in a multinational environment, is a good opportunity to improve our knowledge, but also to exchange experiences with members of the armed forces of partner countries, said General Stopa.

In the exercise conducted under the theme “Tactics, techniques and procedures in multinational operations - non-lethal weapons”, members of the armed forces of the participating countries will be trained in procedures when engaging in multinational operations and actions and procedures in the international environment.

The goal of the exercise, which lasts until 19 June is to improve interoperability and mutual understanding of members of the armed forces of partner countries at the tactical level during peace-building operations in a multinational environment.

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