Serbian Military Hospital in Africa Fighting against Covid-19

Wednesday, 12.5.2021 | Multinational Operations
The Serbian level 2+ military hospital in the United Nations Mission to the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) is successfully carrying out all tasks of medical care of people infected by Covid-19.

Members of the military hospital, who have been continuously engaged in the fight against this contagious disease since the outbreak of the pandemic in the Republic of Serbia, now continue to implement their knowledge and rich experience in the peacekeeping mission.

Due to the complex epidemiological situation in this African country, the military hospital has three times more patients than in the same period last year, and a special challenge is the complex intervention for patients with a severe clinical picture of Covid-19 infection.

The level 2+ military hospital in MINUSCA is in charge of the first and second level of healthcare, urgent resuscitation/stabilization, urgent surgical intervention, basic dental care and evacuation of patients to the next level of healthcare, and since the beginning of May, it has been immunizing members of the mission against the contagious disease Covid-19.

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